The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Meet Constantin, His Family, and the Heartwarming Story Behind Our Business’s 20-Year Legacy

I do feel my father passed on his passion for Tiling onto myself. I named my company after my son’s name Kaelyn. I call him Kae. He is the reason I wake up in the morning. Like any other father I hope he will step into my shoes as well and continue the family business. 


General Director

Our Story

A Legacy of Tiling

Have you heard the story of Kae’s Tiling Ltd, a family business that’s like something out of the movie “Instant Family”? It’s a tale of family, hard work, and a legacy of tiling.

The journey began with Constantin, the founder, who at 9 years old laid his first tile while helping his father, a professional tiler with decades of experience. This early experience sparked a lifelong passion in Constantin. He loved puzzles as a child, and tiling felt just like solving a big, beautiful puzzle.

When Constantin turned 18, he moved to Italy, joining his uncles in the tiling trade. This adventure took him across Europe – from Italy to France, then Norway, and finally to Ireland, collecting skills and expertise along the way.

Now, Constantin’s son, Kae, shows a budding interest in his father’s work. The name ‘Kae,’ meaning ‘Keeper of the Keys,’ was chosen without knowing its significance but later seemed a symbolic fit. It was as if destiny was hinting at Kae’s future in the family business.

So there you have it: Kae’s Tiling Ltd, a story of a family bond, a tradition of craftsmanship, and a journey across continents, all woven into the fabric of a thriving business. Will Kae continue the legacy? Only time will tell.